MBA Flex Option

Ranked #11 in the world, the University of  Utah’s MBA Online is specifically designed to provide world-class education with flexibility to meet students’ ever-changing needs. But earning your MBA Online doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the on-campus experience.

With our brand new Flex option, MBA Online students can:

Customize Your Curriculum

Your career interests don’t have to be limited to one focus, so why should your degree?

Beyond providing you flexibility with the schedule, format and timeline of your MBA, the MBA Online program is committed to providing you with unrivaled academic customization options. Our elective options, graduate certificates, dual degrees and concurrent degrees allow you to combine hard skills with the managerial outlook of an MBA.

Electives compose 13.5 credit hours of the MBA Online curriculum, allowing you to deepen your knowledge and skill set in any area(s) of interest. Electives are available in accounting, finance, information systems, management, marketing, operations, strategy, entrepreneurship, and more.
MBA Online students have 1 online and 2 in-person graduate certificate options that can be earned by focusing electives in certain areas. A graduate certificate in Information Systems can be completed completely online. However, a graduate certificate in Business Analytics requires on-campus courses.
The MBA/Master of Healthcare Administration dual degree option prepares students for administrative positions in hospitals, large clinics, extended-care facilities, clinical and reference laboratories, as well as for positions in health care consulting and with vendors such as those providing information technology to health care organizations. Master of Healthcare Administration courses must be taken on-campus.
A Master of Science in Information Systems, Business Analytics, or Finance can be completed concurrently while completing your MBA Online. MSIS courses can be completed completely online, while MSBA and MSF courses are only available on-campus. When these degrees are completed simultaneously, 15 credit hours of electives from the MBA Online course requirements can be waived, allowing the program to be finished 2 semesters earlier while decreasing the cost for your degrees by almost $20,000.

Looking to take mostly on-campus classes with the option to take some online classes? Our Professional MBA Flex Option is the best fit for you.

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