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Most business schools today offer more than one type of MBA program. Among the offerings available is the Executive MBA, a program built specifically for seasoned, experienced professionals who want to continue working full-time while gaining the business and leadership skills they need to grow in their careers.

But in what specific ways does the Executive MBA differ from other program formats? How can an individual know if this program is the right fit for them? Download our “What is an Executive MBA?” guide and get answers to questions like these and more:

  • Do I need to be an ‘executive’ before I enter an Executive MBA program?

  • Who is a good candidate for an Executive MBA?

  • What are the benefits of an Executive MBA compared to other MBA formats?

  • How can I fit this program into my busy schedule?

  • What kind of support will I need from my employer to pursue an Executive MBA?

  • Is an Executive MBA right for me?

Download our detailed guide today by filling out the form below. If an Executive MBA seems to be the right fit for you, we invite you to learn more about the University of Utah’s top-ranked EMBA. Request more information, attend an admissions event, or contact us at 801-581-5577 or EMBA@Utah.edu.

Download: “What is an Executive MBA?”