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The Executive MBA program fully supports veterans and active military students. Any amount of time served in the military count towards the work experience requirement for our program. We are determined to ensure the success of student veterans and do our part in educating you as to what funding is available for your service. The following are the financial options available for veterans and active military students:

The University of Utah has organized a Veterans Support Center that specializes in veteran affairs. This center is a great resource to better understand and enroll in your qualified tuition benefits. For additional information visit the Veterans Support Center, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, or contact Veteran Director Paul Morgan at or 801-587-7722.

Download: “Beyond the Military – 5 Reasons to Pursue an MBA”

Application Fee Waiver

As a thank you for your service to our country, the Executive MBA program at the University of Utah will waive your application fee. Please email to receive a fee waiver.