Concurrent Degree Programs


Students can pursue a Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) concurrently with an MSF. Both degrees can be completed within two years.

Designed to provide students with the necessary skills to compete in the rapidly growing market for data science professionals, an MSBA is a perfect complement to the quantitative-intensive MSF degree. Students who complete both degrees are well-suited for analytical roles in the finance sector and have a competitive advantage over others entering the industry.

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Students can pursue a Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) concurrently with an MSF. Both degrees can be completed within two years.

A degree focused on the hands-on application of information systems within business, an MSIS pairs well with the innovative MSF program. Students who complete both degrees will have the financial and technical knowledge needed to create advanced financial models. With technical skills becoming less of an option and more of a requirement in the finance industry, students who choose the concurrent program will graduate ahead of the industry curve.

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Students can pursue a Professional MBA (PMBA) concurrently with an MSF. When these degrees are completed simultaneously, 15 credit hours of electives from the PMBA course requirements can be waived, allowing the program to be finished 2 semesters earlier while decreasing the cost for your degrees. Both degrees can be completed in 8-9 semesters.

For the student looking to work full-time while attending school, an Eccles PMBA offers the flexibility and rigorous curriculum to help further your career without missing a beat. You’ll exit the program with a world-class education, a high caliber network and the skills needed to immediately advance your career.

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MSF & MBA Online

Students can pursue an MBA Online concurrently with an MSF. Both degrees can be completed within 8-9 semesters, and students receive a reduced tuition rate.

With the MBA Online, you can earn your MBA without interrupting your career and immediately improve workplace performance by applying what you learn in class. World-class faculty provide a practical education experience that allows you to connect the classroom to the conference room.

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Graduate Certificates

For MSF students looking to increase their analytical or technical skill but not wanting to pursue a concurrent degree, graduate certificates are available in business analytics and information systems. At 18 credits each, a certificate requires just a few credits in addition to the MSF degree requirements.

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