Program At-a-Glance

Program Details

Program Format: 30 Credits

Core Credits: 15

Elective Credits: 15

Full-Time and Part-Time Formats: Students can pursue the MSF program in either a full-time or part-time format. Full-time students complete the program in two semesters (nine months), and part-time students complete the program in four or more semesters (15+ months). Full-time students can easily transition to part-time, and part-time students can easily transition to full-time. All necessary classes are offered in the evening so students can keep their full-time jobs.

Class Availability: MSF courses are offered during the day and evening. Once admitted, we recommend making an appointment with an MSF academic advisor to map out a course of study that will align your needs with class schedules.

Master of Science Requirement: MSF students must take a comprehensive exit exam to satisfy the Master of Science degree requirement. A master’s thesis is not required.

Enrollment Options: Fall and spring semesters

Concurrent Degrees and Certificates: The MSF program can be completed concurrently with an MBA, MS Information Systems, MS Business Analytics, or Master of Real Estate Development. Additionally, students can complete a Graduate Certificate in Information Systems or Business Analytics with their MSF.