For Individuals

Our programs for individuals equip leaders with comprehensive coursework in key development areas. Unlike traditional degreed programs, these programs do not require an application process or matriculation. This allows participants to maximize learning impact by enrolling in programs at any given time to meet specific needs.

Upcoming Programs

Compensation: Developing a Win-Win Strategy

Get the strategic guidance you need to exceed your sales and performance goals. In this practical program, you’ll learn frameworks for motivating desired behavior, developing realistic goals, incentivizing teams to rally around goals, troubleshooting and solving relevant problems, and balancing risks and rewards.

Finance for the Non-Financial Leader

Harness the power of financial data to make better decisions for your organization. Designed for the non-financial leader, this program provides foundational principles in accounting and finance and teaches how to effectively use financial information to make a meaningful impact.

Negotiation Strategies

Gain tools and tactics to increase your influence as a negotiator. In this program, you will learn effective strategies for negotiating business deals and resolving disruptions while identifying your strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator. Faculty will provide guidance on how to manage negotiations to optimize outcomes while mitigating risks.

Innovating for Growth

Business leaders are under pressure to drive innovation while meeting the everyday demands of business operations. This program provides a four-phase framework to help you manage this challenge and lead breakthrough innovation at your organization.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Non-Manufacturing Industries

Increase productivity and boost the bottom line by applying principles of Lean Six Sigma to your organization. In this program for executives in non-manufacturing industries, you will learn the foundational principles of Six Sigma and earn a Green Belt Certification following completion of a process-improvement project.

Developing an MBA Mindset

Developing an MBA Mindset

Begin to think like an MBA, utilizing a combination of business disciplines to approach challenges holistically. Experienced and high-potential executives will use this course to build a stronger business foundation. The program covers core concepts in negotiations, leadership, finance, communications and strategy to equip leaders with a practical toolkit to face any business challenge.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is integral to effective leadership. Leaders with EI are keenly aware of their emotions and the emotions of others, and they use those insights to lead, engage and empower those around them. This program will help you hone your EI to make a bigger impact in your organization and become a stronger leader.

Executive Leadership Series

Build on your leadership strengths and learn how to apply the latest research to manage today’s toughest challenges. In this five-part series for experienced executives, you’ll meet with your cohort on a monthly basis and take a deep dive into fundamental leadership topics, including competitive advantage, collaborative negotiations, strategic thought, innovation and business turnarounds.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Manufacturing Industries

Gain a competitive advantage by applying the principles of Lean and Six Sigma to your organization. Blending simulation exercises with lectures and group work sessions, this program goes in-depth for leaders in manufacturing industries. You will gain proven frameworks for allocating resources more strategically to grow the bottom line.

Women’s Leadership Program

With an emphasis on leadership and strategy development, this two-part program is for ambitious female leaders who want to take their careers to the next level. Learn from top-ranked faculty and create powerful connections to increase your impact.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Designed for leaders who have completed Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Manufacturing Industries, this program provides advanced training in technical process-improvement techniques. You’ll learn how to increase productivity, process flow and customer satisfaction while also decreasing total defects, cycle time and work-in-progress delays.

Lean Expert

Ready for a master-level class on Lean Strategies? This program builds on the foundational principles of Lean and teaches participants how to better manage the complex challenges that arise when deploying and sustaining Lean practices in both manufacturing and non-manufacturing environments.

University of Utah BioVentures I Program

BioVentures: Early Stage

Designed for business leaders interested in Bioventures, this program focuses on the early stages of product development in the life sciences business sector.

BioVentures: Late Stage

This program focuses on the later stages of product development in the life sciences business sector.