Eccles Global is offering graduate and undergraduate University of Utah students the opportunity to participate in fall, spring, and summer learning abroad trips in Ghana. This class teaches students about health and economic development and gives students the opportunity for the experiential study of the ecology of expanding markets in Ghana. Students will work closely with Ensign Global College and University of Utah faculty, local businesses, and health clinics as they study development in Ghana. By completing this program, University of Utah students fulfill an IR requirement and gain memorable experiences by learning abroad.

Eccles Global Summer Session in Oxford/Ghana: June 12- July 7, 2023
WHERE: Kpong, Ghana & surrounding areas and Oxford, United Kingdom
TAUGHT BY: Stephen C. Alder, Ph.D.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Jan. 1 (priority deadline) and April 3 (final deadline)
The program has limited enrollment.

Please message Annie Smith with any questions or inquiries regarding student programming and experiences.