Student’s safety is our highest priority. Please know that providing a safe and secure environment for our students remains our highest priority. We understand that if students do not feel secure, then learning and growth cannot take place.

We have experienced faculty that have been taking students to Ghana for over 20 years. The expertise and commitment from our program leaders have led to the success of our programs.

We have a highly experienced logistics and security team for all of our transportation needs. Our drivers also serve as our security. They know the best and safest traffic routes for reaching desired destinations.

All participants will be covered by international travel insurance. In addition to providing accident and sickness insurance, the plan will cover medical evacuation and repatriation as well as security evacuations should they become necessary. The insurance company has a 24-hour emergency telephone assistance service.

Ensign College of Public Health has around the clock, 24/7, security on campus. Our highly-trained security officers monitor the premises ensuring the safety of students.