About Us

The Center for Business, Health, and Prosperity has been established to promote societal prosperity by integrating value-creating innovation and entrepreneurship with improved health. The Center leverages established programs at the Salt Lake City campus of the University of Utah, with a focus on business development (including entrepreneurship, innovation, and finance) and health innovation.

The Center also makes use of unique opportunities that exist through the growing University of Utah West Africa Programs, and collaboration with Ensign College in Kpong, Ghana, to establish mission-aligned programming in one of the most vibrant emerging markets in the world. Exploration of how to engage resources at the Asia Campus is also underway, in collaboration with the Office for Global Engagement, to establish the Center as a truly global undertaking that makes use of the unique global assets of the University of Utah.


Promoting societal prosperity by integrating value-creating innovation and entrepreneurship with improved health.


Advancing societal prosperity through education, research and engaged service that expands capacity by integrating business innovation and entrepreneurship with approaches that improve the health of communities.

The Center is a platform where faculty, staff, students, and partners advance and engage prosperity science to create capacity for improving life quality around the world by doing the following:

Engage in Prosperity Work

Mobilize expertise to produce sustainable solutions to elevate the prosperity of regions, communities, and individuals throughout the world.

Collaborate with Prosperity Partners

 Work with partners to translate prosperity science into real-world impact in the US and globally.

Create a Global Prosperity Network

Develop a global network of institutions that work together to achieve world-wide social, economic and health prosperity.

Lead Global Student Programs

Empower students to engage in prosperity work through innovative and transformative educational experiences.

Partner with Ensign Global

Support Ensign Global in becoming a premier higher education institution in West Africa that promotes prosperity work locally, regionally, and globally.