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MHA At-a-Glance

Full-Time MHA

  • Credit Hours: 55 (two-year format)
  • Enrollment Option: Fall semester
  • Class Availability: Mix of day and evening classes
    • Students have the flexibility to take classes when offered as well as to participate in numerous networking and extracurricular activities is key to student success in the program.

Professional MHA
New Evening Format

  • Credit Hours: 48 (two- or three-year format)
  • Enrollment Option: Fall semester
  • Class Availability: Evening and online
    • Students have the ability to align course load with personal and professional constraints while keeping their full-time employment.

Can I work during the MHA program?

The Full-Time MHA program is designed for full-time participation. Students are encouraged not to work at the start of the program but may find flexibility to add part-time work as they progress in their degree. The Professional MHA is designed for working professionals in healthcare, and P-MHA students are able to work full-time while attending school. Throughout the program, students work closely with their academic advisor to determine a program of study that will meet student needs and program expectations.

Is work experience required for admission?

Competitive applicants for the Full-Time MHA program are recommended to obtain at least 6 to 12 months of healthcare administration experience prior to starting the program. This experience can be obtained through a variety of paid and/or volunteer experiences.

Students applying to the Professional MHA program must have a minimum of three years of full-time work experience in healthcare prior to the start of their degree. Students who are currently employed in healthcare have the opportunity to maintain full-time employment while pursuing the P-MHA program.

For more information about work experience, please contact us at

Dual Degrees

  • MHA/Full-Time MBA
  • MHA/Professional MBA
  • MHA/Master of Public Administration
  • MHA/Master of Public Health

Fall 2016 Class Profile

  • Total Students: 35
    • MHA: 20
    • MHA / MBA: 2
    • MHA / MPH: 6
    • MHA / MPA: 0
    • MHA / PMBA: 7
  • Average GMAT: 552
  • Average GRE: 305
  • Average GPA: 3.49
  • Women / Men: 42%/58%
  • Average Work Experience: 51 months

Completion Rates

We understand that completing your degree and moving into your professional career is your ultimate goal. With the expectation of completing their degree within 3 years, our students have a strong record of program completion.

  • Class of 2014: 91%
  • Class of 2015: 94%
  • Class of 2016: 89%