Employment Outlook

Our job placement in a related field has been over 95 percent within three months of graduation for the past 12 years.

Students are gaining employment in a variety of companies and locations across the United States. On average, students who go into public accounting see their salaries double every five years. Starting salaries are often lower in public accounting than in other disciplines, but the opportunities for growth are unmatched.

Career placement and advising are important to the School of Accounting. Our goal is to assist with job placement and provide career advice for all of our graduates. A key factor to successful placement is starting the job search early.

Employment Outlook

Class of 2016: Employment Profile

Job Placement by Type % of Graduates Sample of Employers
Public Accounting 80% Deloitte, EY, PwC, KPMG, Grant Thornton, Eide Bailly, WSRP, BDO
Government 3% Utah State Auditor’s Office, Utah State Tax Commission
Industry 16% Adobe, Goldman Sachs, JCPenney, Zions Bank,, Extra Space Storage, JetBlue Airways

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the demand for accountants and auditors will increase by 13 percent nationwide between now and 2022. Starting salaries are often lower in public accounting than other disciplines, but the opportunities for growth are unmatched. It’s estimated that a CPA who goes into public accounting will make an additional 1 million dollars in lifetime earnings over those with a Bachelor’s degree.

Where do our MAcc students typically recruit?


Employment by State

MAcc Career Coaches

MAcc students have access to dedicated career coaches to help students develop lifelong job-seeking strategies that facilitate their career search. The MAcc career coaches are committed to helping students find job opportunities, navigate fall recruiting season, and learn how to present themselves well to potential employers. Because recruiting season for public accounting starts at the beginning of fall semester each year —and job application deadlines are often as early as the first week of classes — we encourage students to meet with a career advisor as early as possible. For information on accounting careers, recruiting, and how to schedule an appointment with a career advisor, contact either Jonathon Exton or Rebecca McDonald.

MAcc Career Coaches
Week Zero

All MAcc students take a one-week course at the beginning of the program called “Accounting Professionalism and Team Building.” This course, often called “Week Zero,” is designed not only to build camaraderie but also to provide students with the resources they need to start preparing for careers in accounting. Week Zero includes networking opportunities with professionals and extensive information on recruiting for public accounting and other industries. Jumpstart your job search by taking full advantage of this course.

Week Zero