The two accounting career paths

Public Accounting

Working in public accounting means working for a professional services firm that offers audit, tax and consulting services to a variety of external clients. Public accounting opportunities are available to MAcc students in both large international firms, such as the Big 4 (PwC, KPMG, EY, and Deloitte), as well as in local/regional and small firms. Common career paths and specializations include: Audit/ Assurance Services, Tax, Forensic Accounting, Information Technology, International Accounting, Personal Financial Planning, and Consulting

Public accounting employers primarily hire via the on-campus recruiting process. Those interested in public accounting should plan to contact Accounting Career Services early in their program in order to participate in all recruiting activities.

Private Accounting

Those employed in private accounting work within companies and organizations to complete important financial and accounting functions. Private accounting includes opportunities in corporate (both publically traded and privately held companies), non-profit, and government sectors.

Many employers in private accounting participate in on-campus recruiting with the School of Accounting. However, those interested in these paths should also know that opportunities are available throughout the year.

Explore Career Options

Interested in a career as a tax accountant, forensic accountant, internal/external auditor, managerial accountant, financial accountant, government accountant, or accounting information systems officer? Learn more about the steps you need to take to get there.

Job Market

Opportunities for talented professional accountants are on the rise nationwide. High demand and job security are two of the reasons students decide to become CPAs. For information on specific states and accounting salaries, reference the Accounting Salary Guide. While roughly one third of the University of Utah’s MAcc graduates secure employment out of state, Utah is becoming an increasingly attractive career hub and Salt Lake City has been called one of the “Best Cities for the Next Decade” because of new business creation.