We care about your career

The Professional MBA program offers a Career Advancement Center to help you maximize the return on your MBA for yourself and your employer. We work with you to develop your personal career advancement plan focusing on internal opportunities and position growth while in the PMBA program, as well as future career paths and moves. We help you leverage your academic learning with your career goals.

Our Career Advancement Approach

Our goal is for all PMBA students to graduate with the expertise and a plan to manage and advance their careers. Career advancement doesn’t happen because you show up at work and do a good job. It requires planning and action. It’s a lifelong activity that requires forethought to be successful. Become the proactive master of your career, not a recipient of what may be offered to you. Our six-phase approach:

  1. Assessment (know yourself), goal setting and short-term planning
  2. Personal branding, messaging and marketing materials development
  3. Making the sale and closing the deal, whether internal or external
  4. Proactively exploring new roles, meet with leaders in the community and embrace opportunities to advance your career (including networking)
  5. Pre-graduation career advancement planning that leverages employer and community relationships and resources
  6. Expert support from Alumni Career Services after you graduate

Career Advancement Resources

  • One-on-one executive career coaching
  • Career advancement workshops
  • Guest lecture series
  • Online videos, content, and tools

How does a PMBA help you?

Meet our alums and learn how our Professional MBA program helped each of them develop the skills and confidence to grow their career.

Perry Slagowski – Class of 2016

Being able to associate with very talented working professionals has a been critical piece of the learning environment.

Tessa Karrington – Class of 2015

The teachers have very diverse backgrounds and there is opportunity everywhere.

Emilia Cedeno – Class of 2014

You are still able to keep working full time and gain amazing experience while continuing your education. At the same time, you’re able to use what you’ve learned at your job on an every day basis.

Ryan Chase – Class of 2015

My undergrad was great, but this program has been a lot more applicable to my actual day to day work. You are gaining experience while building your career.

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