Transfer Credit

The majority of MBA Online students will complete all of their courses through the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business. There are however a few situations where limited transfer of course credit may be applicable.

The concept of transfer credit is designed to benefit those students who have started their studies at another institution but transfer to the MBA Online program. These students may apply for transfer of credit for courses that meet all the following conditions:

  1. The course was for graduate students only. It cannot be a mixed graduate/undergraduate course.
  2. The course was taken while the student was a regularly enrolled graduate student in a program leading to a master’s degree or similar advanced degree from an AACSB accredited institution.
  3. The grade earned was a B or better. Pass/fail and other such grades are not satisfactory. B- grades or lower are not accepted.
  4. The course has not and will not count toward a degree or certificate at any other institution.
  5. The course was taken within the last four years.

Note: A course that meets all these criteria may still be denied for transfer credit. Students will be granted no more than 9 credits of transfer credit.  All decisions regarding transfer credit are at the sole discretion of the David Eccles School of Business MBA Online program.

Typically, transfer credit will be count as elective credit; however, there may be occasions where a course will count for a specific MBA Online course.

For Students

To petition for transfer of academic credit, you will need to complete the form linked here. At the discretion of the committee, you may be required to submit a syllabus for the course. A separate petition must be submitted for each course for which you are requesting to transfer.

Decisions will traditionally be made within two weeks, and you will be notified of that decision by the MBA Online program staff. Applications for transfer credit received prior to a student’s admission will be reviewed on a preliminary basis only; final decisions regarding transfer credit can only be given to students admitted to the MBA Online program.

Transfer credit approval is conditional upon receipt of an official copy of the grade earned (official transcript) by the MBA Online office. Grades received on courses granted transfer credit are not included in the University of Utah GPA for classification of academic standing or graduation.

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