MSIS Academic Areas of Focus

MSIS students can specialize their graduate degree by taking all of their elective courses in one of the four areas of focus. It is not required for students to select an area of focus, but for students with a strong interest in one area or who are targeting a specific career, choosing an area of focus can be an excellent personal marketing tool.

Review the courses in each area of focus

Ready to enter the lucrative field of data and analytics? Businesses of all types and sizes need analysts and specialists to organize their data and use it to make effective decisions. The business intelligence and analytics area gives students the skill set required to optimize internal processes, find and solve problems, translate data for non-technical groups, and find areas to create new business.

Common Job Titles in this Area:

  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Scientist/Analyst
  • Database Administrator

  • Data Migration Analyst
  • Configuration Consultant
  • Data/Cloud Architect

Creating software and technical systems that are well-designed and efficient is essential in today’s competitive market. This area of focus teaches students the science of assessing available resources and developing the best model for system functionality and efficiency. Companies looking to implement new software platforms may also consult with a systems analyst to determine risks and best practices.

Common Job Titles in this Area:

  • Systems Analyst
  • System Architect
  • DevOps Engineer
  • UX Developer

  • Software Engineer
  • Software Tester
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Administrator

Every business has processes and projects carried out that must meet certain time, budget and quality constraints. Professionals in this area use their information systems knowledge to optimize processes, anticipate challenges, and work with teams to meet deadlines. Roles in product and project management are often interdisciplinary – this area of focus equips students with sharp skills in functional business areas as well as technology.

Common Job Titles in this Area:

  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Implementation Manger

  • Technical Consultant
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Supply Chain Manager

Intrigued by the latest data breach scandal? With millions of records at risk in all sectors of business, it is crucial for companies to better secure their data. This area of focus gives students a keen knowledge of security threats and the skills to combat them.

Common Job Titles for this Area:

  • Information Security Specialist
  • IT Security Consultant
  • IT Security Analyst


  • Cyber security manager
  • Cyber intelligence analyst
  • Cyber risk manager