Degree Requirements

MRED Core Courses (30 Credit Hours)

  • FINAN 6040: Excel for the Finance Professional (3)(All)
  • FINAN 6710: Real Estate Development Life Cycle (1.5)(Fall)
  • FINAN 6720: Real Estate Financial Modeling (1.5)(Summer)(Pre-req FINAN 6760/FINAN 6040)
  • FINAN 6760: Real Estate Finance (3)(Fall/Spring)
  • FINAN 6780: Real Estate Appraisal and Investment (3)(Spring)(Pre-req FINAN 6760)
  • REDEV 6260: Land Use Law (3)(Spring)
  • REDEV 6390: Sustainability Planning (3)(Summer)
  • REDEV 6410: Site Development (3)(Spring)
  • REDEV 6460: Real Estate Market Analysis (3)(Fall)
  • REDEV 6630: Real Estate Development Due Diligence (3)(Summer)
  • FINAN 6971: Professional Project (3)(Fall/Summer)

MRED Electives (12 Credit Hours)

Students complete 12 credit hours of electives, choosing from graduate courses in the David Eccles School of Business and/or the College of Architecture + Planning. Below is a sample of electives available at the Eccles School.

  • FINAN 6715 Innovations in Affordable Housing (3)(Fall) – Application Required
  • FINAN 6730 Real Estate Analytics (1.5)(Summer)
  • FINAN 6755 Construction for Real Estate Developers (1.5)(Spring)
  • FINAN 6765 Commercial Leasing (1.5)(Fall)
  • FINAN 6775 Real Estate Lab (1.5)(Fall)
  • FINAN 6785 Capital Markets (1.5)(Spring)
  • FINAN 6790 Contracts and Transactions (1.5)(Spring)
  • FINAN 6795 Real Estate Investment Trusts (3)(Summer)
  • FINAN 6820 Project Consulting (3)(Fall/Spring) – Application Required
  • FINAN 6825 Real Estate Around the World (3)(Spring Even Years) – Application Required
  • REDEV 6450 GIS in Planning (3)(Spring/Summer/Fall)
  • MGT 6500 Managerial Negotiations (3)(Fall) – Waitlist Required
  • STRAT 6760 Profiles of Leadership (3) (Fall/Spring) – Application Required

Grading Policy

Candidates for graduate degrees are required to maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA in course work counted toward the degree. A grade below C- is not accepted by the University toward a graduate degree.

If your GPA drops below the 3.0 threshold then you will need to meet with your Academic Advisor to map out a course plan moving forward.

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