Faculty Research

The faculty at the David Eccles School of Business are at the leading edge of business research. Many faculty focus on issues related to equity, diversity, and inclusion as these issues are at the forefront of many business practices. Below is the latest research from faculty at the Eccles School.

Arul Mishra

Prosecutor Elections and Policy Accountability

Allison Stashko, Assistant Professor of Finance

When a new prosecutor wins an election, police officers become more cautious to use force, leading to fewer civilian deaths. The effect, which is sustained over several years following the election, has direct implications to national conversations about police reform. [read more]

Gendered Racial Boundary Maintenance: Social Penalties for White Women in Interracial

Amelia Stillwell, Assistant Professor of Management

The responsibility to uphold the standards of patriarchal “whiteness” falls more heavily upon white women than white men – and failure to uphold those standards leads to dire consequences. [read more]

Polling Locations and the Costs of Voting

Allison Stashko, Assistant Professor of Finance

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way millions of Americans cast their votes in the 2020 General election. This paper examines the voting decisions of more than 15 million voters in Pennsylvania and Georgia in 2018. [read more]

How Language Shapes Prejudice Against Women: An Examination Across 45 World Languages

David DeFranza, Marketing Ph.D. Student, Himanshu Mishra, Professor of Marketing, Arul Mishra, Professor of Marketing

Language provides an ever-present context for our cognitions and has the ability to shape them. Languages across the world can be gendered (language in which the form of noun, verb, or pronoun is presented as female or male) versus genderless. [read more]

Examining the Presence of Gender Bias in Customer Reviews Using Word Embedding

Shelly Rathee, Marketing Ph.D. Student, Sachin Banker, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Arul Mishra, Professor of Marketing, Himanshu Mishra, Professor of Marketing

Consumer reliance on algorithmically curated digital feeds has given rise to bubbles in which consumers are shown tailored product recommendations and advertisement messages that match their predicted preferences. [read more]

The Influence of Language on Attitudes Toward Brands

David DeFranza, Marketing Ph.D. Student Himanshu Mishra, Professor of Marketing Arul Mishra, Professor of Marketing

Many businesses operate globally, and an important identity of the brand is its name. The brand names bring together the entire brand identity into one metric. [read more]

Do police maximize arrests or minimize crime? Evidence from racial profiling in U.S. cities

Allison Stashko, Assistant Professor of Finance

It is difficult to identify sources of discrimination in police stop and search data. In part, this is due to uncertainty over the objective of discretionary police stops: do officers aim to maximize arrests or to minimize crime? [read more]