Editor’s Note: This is one of a series of vlogs created by our current MSBA/MSIS students. You can see the full series here

Midterm exams for the MS Business Analytics program are tomorrow night, and Eve is taking you along for the ride. Steal some of her study tips for reviewing lectures, tag along with mundane tasks to give her brain a break, video chat the TA’s, and unwind by visiting one of the best burger joints in SLC. Continue the food tour later in the week as she visits the Hong Kong Tea House & Restaurant, City Creek Mall, and Tiger Sugar for their famous Brown Sugar Boba.

MSBA student Eve Lau

After earning her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and minor in Business, Eve entered into the Financial Crime Compliance sector to explore her interest in the financial world. Through this experience, she took notice of the increasing importance of data science in the workforce. As her interest in data continued to grow, she decided to pursue the MSBA degree at the Eccles School to deepen her knowledge in data analytics. She wishes to integrate Business Analytics into her career and solve problems for businesses by helping them connect the dots with data.