Career Management in Your MSIS Curriculum

Students complete a career development course as part of the capstone requirement. This course is designed to help students define and develop professional goals, build a personal career action plan and refine the skills necessary for successful career management after the MSIS Online program.

The following subjects are covered in the career development course:

  • How to write an effective resume and cover letter, including strategies for adapting content for different positions.
  • Techniques for mastering the art of networking, including conducting informational interviews, creating an effective LinkedIn profile and elevator pitch and maximizing career-fair opportunities.
  • Tools and resources for conducting comprehensive research on companies and individuals, necessary for effective interviewing and networking. This includes suggestions on what type of information to research specific to industry, position and company.
  • Interview preparation including group, individual, phone, case study and other common formats. Includes mock interview preparation.
  • Review of the best websites, databases and resources for finding local and national job postings.
  • Success management, including salary and offer negotiations.
  • Strategic guidance for pursuing professional certifications.