Thanks to the generosity of individuals, corporate donors, and the University of Utah, the David Eccles School of Business provides many merit- and need-based scholarship opportunities to exceptional students.

Note: The Eccles Admissions Team will notify admitted students of their eligibility to apply for a need-based scholarship or that they are eligible to receive a merit-based scholarship.

  • Students who are admitted into the program during the early through regular admissions periods will be automatically assessed for either merit- or need-based scholarships. Students who apply during the late admissions period may apply for a need-based scholarship in their second semester of the program. Please reach out to the Eccles Admissions Team near the end of the first semester to learn more and obtain a need-based scholarship application.
  • Scholarships awarded to domestic students are in the form of tuition and fees reduction, whereas scholarships awarded to international students are in the form of a tuition reduction.
  • Scholarships cannot be awarded during the summer semester.
  • Scholarships are non-renewable.
  • Students are awarded one type of scholarship. The Eccles Admissions Team will award the most generous scholarship type based on the student’s background and eligibility,
  • Full-time versus part-time attendance: If awarded a scholarship and attending the program full-time, the scholarship award will be disbursed in two installments for fall and spring; if awarded a scholarship and attending the program part-time, please contact the Eccles Admissions Team one month before the first semester begins to set up a scholarship disbursement schedule.

Students with high undergraduate cumulative GPAs, as well as other high-achieving attributes, qualify for a merit scholarship. Resident students are eligible for a $5,000-$7,500 merit scholarship. Non-resident students are eligible for a $19,000 merit scholarship.

Students who qualify for a need-based scholarship will automatically be emailed a need-based scholarship application. Please complete the application within a week of receiving it to be considered. In addition to a completed scholarship application, domestic students must also apply for financial aid. Scholarship amounts vary depending on the student’s financial background and other related factors.

The admitted student must have graduated from the University of Utah with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. A resident is eligible for $3,500 and a non-resident is eligible for $5,000.

The amount awarded depends on the employer’s annual tuition benefit plan. The maximum amount that can be awarded is $5,000. To be considered, we need a letter from your employer stating the following: You are an employee and are eligible for their tuition benefit plan. The letter also must include the tuition benefit plan’s annual amount. The letter must contain the employer’s contact information. The letter can be emailed to Please be aware we will verify the letter.

  • Must be officially accepted in both the MSF and MHA, both the MSF and MSBA, or both the MSF and MSIS programs.
  • Must complete at least 30 credits of coursework, preferably with a mix of credits in both programs.
  • Must have and maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  • Must maintain concurrent degree status and graduate from both programs at the same time.
  • Residents are eligible for $15,000 and non-residents are eligible for $25,000.
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