Salt Lake City

The University of Utah campus is perched above the blossoming Salt Lake City metropolitan area. Salt Lake City has evolved from a small outpost in the Wild West into a thriving metropolis that boasts an excellent business climate, technology hub, incredible natural beauty, world-class arts and entertainment opportunities, and a standard of living that can’t be beat anywhere in the United States.

World-Class Recreation

The University of Utah is less than 30 minutes from seven ski resorts, and many Eccles School students take advantage of access to the Best Snow on Earth. During the summers, the hiking opportunities available in the University’s backyard are unparalleled.

Explore Salt Lake

University of Utah students have free access to Utah’s public transportation system. Easily explore downtown Salt Lake City, head to the ski slopes and access the airport.

The Mighty Five

Utah is home to five national parks within just a few hours’ drive. Explore the unique red rock that creates alien landscapes in Southern Utah and sandstone arches and funky hoodoos that defy gravity.

Regional Financial Center

Salt Lake City is known as the Crossroads of the West, and it is home to the largest industrial banking center in the United States. Companies such as Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, American Express and UBS have set up in Utah.