2017: Real Estate Around the U.S.

Every other year, MRED students are invited to travel to corporations and real estate developments in the U.S. The trip locations switch every other year between the West Coast and the East Coast. This hands-on learning opportunity allows students to learn from successful professionals and see first-hand how real estate development works.

At left, MRED students visited Philadelphia during their Spring 2017 travel experience.

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2016: Real Estate Around the World

Every other year, MRED students travel the globe to engage in corporate visits and see first-hand premier real estate development projects around the world. Real Estate Around the World is a participatory learning experience where students help conceive, research and execute a trip around the world visiting notable real estate projects and meeting with real estate professionals. The organization of the class is modeled on a real estate partnership where the instructor serves as Managing Partner and the students are Junior Partners. The students work as a team as they research and network to find candidate projects and professionals to visit on the trip. Read about students’ travel experiences to places such as Shanghai, Dubai and London in their own words.