Degree Requirements

The MAcc program offers a number of emphasis areas for students to choose from in order to focus their program of study. Regardless of which emphasis area the student chooses, the MAcc remains a 30-credit program. The MAcc program consists of 12 core credits and 18 credit track requirements. Degree requirements will vary based on which emphasis area the student chooses.

MAcc Core Course Requirements

  • ACCTG 6610: Reading and Interpret Financial Statements (3 credits)
  • ACCTG 6620: Business Valuation (3 credits)
  • ACCTG 6735: Business and Tax Strat (3 credits)
  • ACCTG 6200: Value & Management Accounting (3 credits)

Minimum GPA

Candidates for graduate degrees are required to maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA in course work counted toward the degree. A grade below C- is not accepted by the University toward a graduate degree.

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All emphasis areas can be completed in the part-time or full-time programs.

Throughout the program, students work with their academic advisor to determine the best time to take each core course and explore elective options. See the class catalog and schedule to find course descriptions and to learn which courses will be offered in upcoming semesters.

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