The David Eccles School of Business at the University  is perched above the blossoming Salt Lake City metropolitan area. Salt Lake City has evolved from a small outpost in the Wild West into a thriving metropolis that boasts an excellent business climate, technology hub, incredible natural beauty, world-class arts and entertainment opportunities, and a standard of living that can’t be beaten anywhere in the United States.

As the cultural hub of the Intermountain West, Salt Lake City pulses with a diverse music scene and dynamic nightlife throughout the year, along with theater, dance, and opera. Salt Lake City is also home to 14 award-winning microbreweries, numerous local coffee roasters, many top-tier food markets, and dozens of first-rate restaurants. Ranging from casual to haute, from inexpensive to high-end, the cuisine of Utah is both the cuisine of the world and world-class.

The annual Sundance Film Festival, arguably the most important festival of its kind, is held each January in and around Salt Lake City. Professional sports teams fill area stadiums and arenas for basketball, soccer, baseball, and hockey throughout the year.