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Gender & Contemporary Issues:
Workplaces, Communication, & Change

GNDR 3690 (002): Gender and Contemporary Issues — Fall 2020
T/TH from 10:45 a.m. – 12:05 p.m.

See class schedule HERE. This course is available to business students only, and will help the community better understand the issues brought up in Women’s Council. Additionally, the course counts for upper-division credit and DVHF requirements and is open to students of all gender identities. More details below. To enroll, contact Loretta Muldoon at

Over the past year, WIB and Women’s Council have facilitated discussions surrounding the experience of students at the Eccles School. In particular, two roundtable discussions with peer-to-peer conversation uncovered academic areas of interest that the community was seeking to better understand. Based on those discussions and your voice, WIB has partnered with the Division of Gender Studies at the U to create a course addressing those areas of interest.

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Students in this course will learn about:

  • Historical and contemporary approaches to social activism
  • Differences and relationships among sex, gender, and sexuality
  • How gender and sexuality intersect with race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, migration, nationality, age, dis/ability, and other social markers of identity
  • Ways in which gender and sexuality impact politics and policy
  • Ways in which gender and sexuality impact communication
  • Ways in which gender and sexuality are relevant to how media function, particularly 21st-century media, advertising/marketing, and social media
  • Analytical and interpretative methods for exploring the depiction of gender in films, novels, TV, poetry, music, and art
  • Ongoing and emerging events in the larger culture and society, as well as on campus

In this course, you will explore:

  • Am I a feminist, and what does “feminist” mean anyway?
  • What is unconscious bias? What are micro-aggressions?
  • What can my personal experiences with gender help me to understand about the social world and vice versa?
  • What role has gender played in my family, education, and work life?
  • What part have and can men play in understanding and shaping equitable workplaces?
  • How does gender impact rules about dress and behavior?
  • Going forward with what I know about the role of gender in culture and society, how do I want to approach my opportunities and decisions regarding career and family?