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The Utah Center for Financial Services (UCFS) is an independent research center funded by grants and focused on helping others understand the dual-banking system, the role of state-chartered banks, and other financial service providers in the United States. UCFS was founded by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute and the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah to develop targeted curriculum, provide projects for practical application, and offer networking opportunities with industry leaders for both future industry workers and those currently in the workforce.

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Source of Strength and Consolidated Supervision: A Comparative Assessment of Industrial Banks and Commercial Banks

James R. Barth of Auburn University and Yanfei Sun of Ryerson University conducted a study for the Utah Center for Financial Services (UCFS) on the strength of industrial banks compared to other FDIC-insured institutions. The findings demonstrate that industrial bank holding companies should not be subjected to consolidated supervision by the Federal Reserve and that no corrective legislation is needed to deal with industrial banks. (July 2021)

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An Assessment of the Needs of LMI Communities in Salt Lake County and Surrounding Areas

The Utah Center for Financial Services funded a community needs assessment study in conjunction with the Sorenson Impact Center and the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business. An Assessment of Low–to Moderate–Income Community Need, in Salt Lake County and Surrounding Areas is a valuable report bank officers can use in developing their CRA strategic plans. The report provides bank officers insight and information to assess community needs in the categories of poverty and employment, youth and education, health and healthcare, housing, addressing the needs of refugees, improving transportation, service provider infrastructure, and small business lending. (May 2019)

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The Barth Study Finds ILCs Thriving

James R. Barth and Yanfei Sun of Auburn University conducted a study for the Utah Center for Financial Services (UCFS) on how industrial loan companies (ILCs, a.k.a industrial banks) have performed compared to other FDIC insured institutions. The findings demonstrate ILCs perform better than all other FDIC institutions. (October 2018)

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Barth Report Released

The Utah Center for Financial Services has recently released a report “Bank Funding Sources: A New Look at Brokered Deposits” (“The Barth Report”) by Dr. James Barth and his colleague Yanfei Sun of Auburn University. (January 2018)

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