Victoria Cabal

Director, Office for Student Inclusion & First Ascent Scholars

First Ascent Scholars, Office for Student Inclusion


Victoria Cabal serves as Director of the Office for Student Inclusion and the First Ascent Scholars program at the David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah. With a focus on community building over competition, Victoria challenges the framing of diversity as market value and instead emphasizes the cultural value of diversity. In her position, she balances outcomes-driven expectations with community engagement to validate individuals’ cultural strength. Through her balanced approach, Victoria manages collaborative relationships across the Eccles School to develop and implement strategic initiatives, aligned with the Eccles School plan to create an “environment that invites, inspires and innovates.”

Outside of the University of Utah, Victoria serves as Vice President of the Learner-Centered Educational organization, focused on cultivating partnerships with both public and private organizations committed to ensuring access to learning opportunities for low-income students in Utah. She also partners with individuals and organizations to provide Intercultural Development Inventory© assessments, feedback sessions, and development plans as a Qualified Administrator for the University of Utah. Framing her work from a critical theory lens helps Victoria explore the historical and contemporary impacts impeding organizational inclusive growth. Utilizing a relationship-based approach (Degruy, 2018), Victoria makes connections throughout organizations to ensure the organizational “village” works toward supporting everyone’s success.

Victoria holds a Doctorate of Education from the University of Utah, as well as B.A. in Communication, and M.Ed. in School Counseling from Loyola University Chicago. Prior to moving to the Eccles School, Victoria worked as a school counselor at Northwest Middle School and Judge Memorial Catholic High School, in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she focused on creating innovative counseling programming to create equity across academic experiences.