Tiffany Vickers

MHA Associate Director

Department of Operations and Information Systems, Master of Healthcare Administration

Faculty, Staff

Professor Vickers is the Associate Director for the Masters of Healthcare Administration program at the University of Utah. She manages the day-to-day administrative program functions and works directly with students, staff, and program faculty to set and achieve long-term, strategic goals for the MHA Program. In addition to her administrative responsibilities, Professor Vickers team teaches MHA 6800 with Professors Joe Horton and Rand Kerr and online.
Professor Vickers started her career in healthcare in 1996 as the administrator for a medium-sized, multi-specialty medical clinic, where she spent nine years directing administrative operations. In 2007, she began working in education with at-risk high school students at Horizonte and several Applied Technology Colleges in the Salt Lake Valley. Since then, Vickers has worked in various instructional and administrative positions with other technical colleges in the Salt Lake area. She has years of experience with professional advisory committees, internship placement, curriculum development, academic advising, and the accreditation process.
Professor Vickers earned her Ph.D. from the University of Utah’s College of Health. Her research studies the effects of resiliency training on maternal strength self-efficacy for mothers caring for a special needs child.