MJ (Mu Jeung) Yang

Visiting Assistant Professor

Business Economics Group, Department of Finance


Mu-Jeung Yang joins the David Eccles School of Business as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance, starting Fall semester 2018. Prof. Yang obtained his Ph.D. in Economics in 2012 at the University of California, Berkeley and worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Washington, Seattle, prior to joining Eccles.

His research focuses on the empirical analysis of why some firms are persistently more successful than others. Firm success in turn broadly captures factors such as profitability, productivity, survival, and innovativeness. Prof. Yang’s recent work has emphasized (1) the importance of internal fit among different management practices, (2) the role of external fit of a firm’s strategy with its environment and (3) the question of how executives create and learn from strategic decisions, including recent developments in data-/analytics-driven decision-making. More details can be found at his personal website mjyang.com