Global Interns Wanted.

The Provence Promotion economic development agency has been supporting business investment in Provence for close to two decades. The agency was created by the Bouches-du-Rhône Departmental Government and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Marseille Provence, with the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis later joining as a third partner. The goal of Provence Promotion is to promote the territory and help the area economy grow through national and international marketing initiatives. The agency has expertise in 10 key sectors including investment prospecting, business installation, financing, business transfers, and partnerships.

This internship is offered in partnership with the Hinckley Institute of Politics.

Provence Promotion Main Objectives

  • Attract talented individuals and ambitious entrepreneurs from around the world to create sustainable jobs in Provence;
  • Consolidate Provence’s position as a world leader in business and innovation by facilitating the arrival and integration of new companies and business into the area economy;
  • Blend the dynamic work economy with the renowned Mediterranean quality of life to create a successful work-life balance that is the envy of the world.

Internship Position: Business Development Advisor

Provence Promotion, the foreign direct investment agency (FDI) of southern France (Provence) & the #2 city in France (Marseille) is looking for 2 interns for a duration that won’t exceed 3 months (renewable contract).

Native anglophone, the capability to understand, read and write in French will be a plus.

Skills in marketing, communication, and international sales are expected and will be the key pillars of the daily work expected by our agency.

Position: Full-time
Start Date:
May 16, 2022
End Date: Aug. 5, 2022

Be a productive resource for the FDI Lead Generation & Sales teams and the Marketing / Communication department to produce “business proposals”.

Contribute to increase the visibility of the Technological and Industrial Provence in France, Europe, and overseas.

Facilitate and set up the B to B meeting campaigns for the Sales team for trade missions or tech events located all around the globe (no travels are required).

Contribute to track emerging and booming start-ups and SMEs in NA, EMEA, and ASIA and update key and strategic databases of the FDI agency.

• Update the Fast 500 list targeted by Provence Promotion; work must be done for the following areas NA, EMEA, ASIA (1,500 companies to review).

• Assist the Inward Investment Advisors by managing pre-sales campaigns on targeted markets, events and geographical key areas selected by Provence Promotion.

• Targeted emailing campaigns + cold contacts thru LinkedIn

• Calling Campaign (only in English) to set up 1st contact for B to B meetings

• Assist the FDI Sales Team when they welcome foreign direct investors, contributions are expected, with the help of the Business Coordinators, to set up local business introduction programs.

• Provide support and assistance to the Communication department by translating (French to English) newsletters, flyers, web news, press releases, and economic reports all along the year.

Autonomy, tenacity and perseverance, native English speaker, French (is a plus), business development capabilities, writing skills.

  • Tuition for 3 credits (BUS 5880)
  • Lunch stipend per workday
  • Euros: 500 per month
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