This past fall semester 19 students were able to study abroad in the fascinating city of London. This experience has been life changing in many ways as we were able to gain networking skills and collaborative work experience, learn from world-class professors about business, and immerse ourselves in a new culture.

Throughout our journey there were many chances where we were able to network with the professors along with the alumni that would come to visit us from time to time. Our professors had various perspectives on the lectures that were being taught. It was interesting to see how the professors would use their personal experiences to teach us how business affects our daily life.

Along with our immersive classes we had many chances to work with our study abroad members in collaborative team settings. There was one class in specific where we set into groups and had to essentially go explore London and create video vlogs to document our journey. This was an amazing opportunity to go explore a foreign city with our friends and learn about the cultural aspects that were much different than what we were used to.

The professors that taught our business classes were extremely well versed in their areas of study. They knew how the different financial markets worked in both the U.S and the UK so it was interesting to see their take on the different economies. Along with a varied perspective the professors taught us many skills such as leadership, communication, and overall passion to the subject of business.

Immersing ourselves in a new culture in London was amazing because of the diversity that we encountered during our stay. When I would walk on the streets I would be able to hear about 10 different languages which astonished me. I realized that experiencing a diverse culture really opens your eyes to your surroundings and make you become more culturally aware. Along with experiencing London we were able to travel to other countries within Europe during our weekends. This was one of my favorite aspects about this study abroad experience because it allowed me to see how each European country had a completely different atmosphere in regards to the language, the people, and the culture.

-Nikita Siddamsettiwar