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Transaction Details

Company: Qualcomm
Yahoo Beta:2.10
Industry:Communications Equipment

Company Description:  Qualcomm, Inc. provides digital wireless communications products based on its Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology.

Purchase Date:17 Nov 1999 Sale Date:24 May 2001
Purchase Price:$335.56 Sale Price:$60.75
  --Split Adjusted:$83.89  --Split Adjusted:$243.00
Shares Purchased:15 Shares Sold:15
  --Split Adjusted:60  --Split Adjusted:60
Transaction Fee:$82.65 Transaction Fee:$72.41
Price Range (6 Months Prior):    Price Range (6 Months After):    
High$378.00 High$71.00
Date12 Nov 1999 Date21 Jun 2001
Low$91.56 Low$38.46
Date25 May 1999 Date05 Nov 2001
S&P (Purchase Date):$1,381.46 S&P (Sale Date):$1,209.47

Timing:  Bought near six month high.
Reason:  Leader in wireless technology, strong earnings growth, and strong product pipeline. CDMA technology is expected to be the operation system of future wireless networks.

Timing:  Price declined substantially not long after sale.
Reason:  Several viable alternatives to CDMA technology are emerging.

S&P Gain: -12.45 % Annualized Gain: -8.88%
Stock Gain: -27.58 % Annualized Gain: -20.2%

Net Holding Return ($): $-502.16
Net Holding Return (%): -37.45 %