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Transaction Details

Company: Puget Energy
Yahoo Beta:0.85
Industry:Electric utilities

Company Description:  Puget Energy, Inc. generates and distributes electricity in Washington state.

Purchase Date:15 Jan 2009 Sale Date:06 Mar 2009
Purchase Price:$27.45 Sale Price:$30.00
  --Split Adjusted:$27.45  --Split Adjusted:$30.00
Shares Purchased:300 Shares Sold:300
  --Split Adjusted:300  --Split Adjusted:300
Transaction Fee:$164.34 Transaction Fee:$0.00
Price Range (6 Months Prior):    Price Range (6 Months After):    
High$27.79 High$0.00
Date12 Jan 2009 Date01 Feb 1996
Low$20.70 Low$0.00
Date27 Oct 2008 Date01 Feb 1996
S&P (Purchase Date):$843.74 S&P (Sale Date):$868.60

Timing:  The stock is trading near its six month high.
Reason:  We believe the company will be acquired for cash in the near future. We expect to may about 10% on our investment over a short time span.

Reason:  We bought in anticipation of a cash buyout. The stock was acquired on February 6, 2009.

S&P Gain: 2.95 % Annualized Gain: 23.64%
Stock Gain: 9.29 % Annualized Gain: 91.27%

Net Holding Return ($): $689.00
Net Holding Return (%): 8.2 %