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Transaction Details

Company: Verifone Systems
Yahoo Beta:1.80
Industry:Business equipment

Company Description:  VeriFone Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures, markets, and supplies electronic payment solutions at the point of sale (POS) worldwide. The company offers countertop solutions that accept a range of payment options including contactless, NFC, mobile wallets, and EMV; PIN pads that support credit and debit card, EBT, EMV, and other PIN-based transactions; and multimedia consumer facing POS devices.

Purchase Date:04 Feb 2015 Sale Date:21 Oct 2016
Purchase Price:$32.05 Sale Price:$15.68
  --Split Adjusted:$32.05  --Split Adjusted:$15.68
Shares Purchased:200 Shares Sold:200
  --Split Adjusted:200  --Split Adjusted:200
Transaction Fee:$6.95 Transaction Fee:$7.02
Price Range (6 Months Prior):    Price Range (6 Months After):    
High$38.38 High$0.00
Date23 Dec 2014 Date01 Jan 1996
Low$31.13 Low$0.00
Date29 Jan 2015 Date01 Jan 1996
S&P (Purchase Date):$2,041.51 S&P (Sale Date):$2,138.64

Timing:  We bought near the six month low.
Reason:  We strongly believe in management's turnaround strategy of emphasizing high margin services and cutting costs.

Timing:  0
Reason:  VeriFone has missed earnings the last two quarters. The company faces increased competition and slowing upgrades.

S&P Gain: 4.76 % Annualized Gain: 2.9%
Stock Gain: -51.08 % Annualized Gain: -35.6%

Net Holding Return ($): $-3,287.97
Net Holding Return (%): -51.24 %