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Transaction Details

Company: MasterCard
Yahoo Beta:1.34
Industry:Credit services

Company Description:  MasterCard provides transaction processing and other payment-related products and services in the United States and internationally. It facilitates the processing of payment transactions, including authorization, clearing, and settlement, as well as delivers related products and services.

Purchase Date:06 Feb 2014 Sale Date:16 Nov 2016
Purchase Price:$74.61 Sale Price:$103.06
  --Split Adjusted:$74.61  --Split Adjusted:$103.06
Shares Purchased:50 Shares Sold:50
  --Split Adjusted:50  --Split Adjusted:50
Transaction Fee:$9.99 Transaction Fee:$5.11
Price Range (6 Months Prior):    Price Range (6 Months After):    
High$843.60 High$0.00
Date09 Jan 2014 Date01 Jan 1996
Low$72.84 Low$0.00
Date05 Feb 2014 Date01 Jan 1996
S&P (Purchase Date):$1,773.43 S&P (Sale Date):$2,175.41

Timing:  We bought near the six month low (including adjustments for share split).
Reason:  We increased our holdings after a pullback in the stock price because it was an opportunity to pick up a good stock at a discount.

Timing:  0
Reason:  We have made excellent returns on MasterCard. We remain very interested in payment systems, but we decided to sell our position in MasterCard and divide the investment between Visa and PayPal, both of which we believe have better positions in emerging payment mechanisms.

S&P Gain: 22.67 % Annualized Gain: 7.89%
Stock Gain: 38.13 % Annualized Gain: 12.76%

Net Holding Return ($): $1,493.90
Net Holding Return (%): 39.94 %