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Transaction Details

Company: Liberty Property Trust
Yahoo Beta:1.38
Industry:REIT -- office

Company Description:  Liberty Property Trust is a REIT primarily based in the US with some property in the UK. Its holdings are in warehouses and office buildings.

Purchase Date:25 Apr 2007 Sale Date:30 Aug 2007
Purchase Price:$49.19 Sale Price:$37.57
  --Split Adjusted:$49.19  --Split Adjusted:$37.57
Shares Purchased:100 Shares Sold:100
  --Split Adjusted:100  --Split Adjusted:100
Transaction Fee:$127.65 Transaction Fee:$113.76
Price Range (6 Months Prior):    Price Range (6 Months After):    
High$53.91 High$0.00
Date07 Feb 2007 Date01 Jan 1996
Low$45.73 Low$0.00
Date07 Nov 2006 Date01 Jan 1996
S&P (Purchase Date):$1,495.42 S&P (Sale Date):$1,457.64

Timing:  We bought in the middle of the six month price range.
Reason:  We are looking for a place to park our money over the summer and Liberty offers stable income.

Reason:  REIT prices have been adversely affected by subprime woes. While we believe that Liberty will recover, we don't I believe that REITs will rebound eventually, we believe that many investors have and will continue to exit REITs and put their money in stocks for greater returns. Our analyst believes it will take longer than a year for LRY to rebound and to realize any significant return.

S&P Gain: -2.53 % Annualized Gain: -7.1%
Stock Gain: -23.62 % Annualized Gain: -53.9%

Net Holding Return ($): $-1,341.11
Net Holding Return (%): -26.57 %