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Transaction Details

Company: Lazard
Yahoo Beta:1.82
Industry:Asset management

Company Description:  Lazard operates as a financial advisory and asset management firm worldwide.

Purchase Date:09 Oct 2015 Sale Date:11 Sep 2019
Purchase Price:$46.80 Sale Price:$38.73
  --Split Adjusted:$46.80  --Split Adjusted:$38.73
Shares Purchased:100 Shares Sold:100
  --Split Adjusted:100  --Split Adjusted:100
Transaction Fee:$9.99 Transaction Fee:$7.05
Price Range (6 Months Prior):    Price Range (6 Months After):    
High$58.78 High$0.00
Date21 Jul 2015 Date01 Jan 1996
Low$42.08 Low$0.00
Date29 Sep 2015 Date01 Jan 1996
S&P (Purchase Date):$2,014.89 S&P (Sale Date):$2,992.20

Timing:  We bought in the middle of the six month range.
Reason:  The stock declined following the departure of an MD and our analysts believe this was a market overreaction.

Timing:  x
Reason:  Lazard has had a drop in assets under management. In addition, some of the bulge bracket firms have begun offering services to mid-size firms, putting pressure on Lazard and other smaller investment banks.

S&P Gain: 48.5 % Annualized Gain: 10.85%
Stock Gain: -17.24 % Annualized Gain: -4.81%

Net Holding Return ($): $251.96
Net Holding Return (%): 5.37 %