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Transaction Details

Company: Acuity Brands
Yahoo Beta:1.86
Industry:Diversified electronics

Company Description:  Acuity Brands is a market leader in commercial and industrial lighting.

Purchase Date:22 Feb 2017 Sale Date:19 Oct 2018
Purchase Price:$217.80 Sale Price:$124.35
  --Split Adjusted:$217.80  --Split Adjusted:$124.35
Shares Purchased:8 Shares Sold:8
  --Split Adjusted:8  --Split Adjusted:8
Transaction Fee:$9.99 Transaction Fee:$6.97
Price Range (6 Months Prior):    Price Range (6 Months After):    
High$272.12 High$0.00
Date30 Aug 2016 Date01 Jan 1996
Low$202.51 Low$0.00
Date09 Jan 2017 Date01 Jan 1996
S&P (Purchase Date):$2,362.50 S&P (Sale Date):$2,765.41

Timing:  We bought near the six month low.
Reason:  Acuity Brands, Inc. has a strong market position in commercial and industrial lighting. We anticipate that Acuity will benefit as more companies switch to LEDs. Acuity is expanding its product line to incorporate data collection technology in its lighting fixtures. Acuity has recently acquired an IoT firm to support these advances. The company's margins have been expanding, as well.

Timing:  x
Reason:  We bought AYI on the expectation that the company would experience improving margins. Between tariffs and wage pressures, margins are worsening. Increasing interest rates are putting pressure on construction spending, as well.

S&P Gain: 17.05 % Annualized Gain: 10.55%
Stock Gain: -42.91 % Annualized Gain: -30.03%

Net Holding Return ($): $-757.28
Net Holding Return (%): -43.21 %