Davidson Student Investment Fund

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Cash $6,685.73
Total Portfolio Value $52,029.17
Day's Change -0.57%

Stock Ticker Company Current Price Day's Change Number of Shares Purchase Price Current $ Value Dollar gain/loss
 ICLR ICON$210.660.333**$8.48$6,951.78$6,671.94
 PYPL PayPal Holdings$242.40-2.5100$31.51$24,240.00$21,089.00
 LGIH LGI Homes$98.01-0.58110$23.60$10,781.10$8,185.10
 ICLR ICON$210.660.316$180.99$3,370.56$474.72

*Last updated: 2021-01-14 16:30:00 MST
** Split adjusted