Purchase Details

Company: VICI Properties
Yahoo Beta:1.12
Industry:REIT - diversified

Company Description:  VICI is a REIT with a focus on gaming and hospitality.

Purchase Date:12 Nov 2021
Purchase Price:$29.18
  --Split Adjusted:$29.18
Shares Purchased:350
  --Split Adjusted:350
Transaction Fee:$0.00
Price Range (6 Months Prior):    
Date08 Jun 2021
Date30 Sep 2021
S&P (Purchase Date):$4,681.09

Timing:  We bought below the midpoint of the six-month range.
Reason:  VICI has a strong portfolio of properties with stable cash flows. The company had no defaults during the pandemic. The company's properties all have triple net leases and 94% of leases have CPI escalators, insulating VICI from unexpected cost increases. VICI has been acquiring additional high-profile properties and will on the second, third, and tenth largest hotels in the world.

Total Spent:   $10,213.00