Purchase Details

Company: Visa
Yahoo Beta:1.16
Industry:Credit services

Company Description:  Visa, Inc. is one of the two major global payment processing companies.

Purchase Date:14 Sep 2022
Purchase Price:$198.25
  --Split Adjusted:$198.25
Shares Purchased:25
  --Split Adjusted:25
Transaction Fee:$0.00
Price Range (6 Months Prior):    
Date29 Mar 2022
Date16 Jun 2022
S&P (Purchase Date):$3,914.61

Timing:  We bought below the midpoint of the 6-month range
Reason:  Contactless payments are continuing to expand worldwide. Visa has a large network, processing almost twice as many transactions daily as MasterCard. The business is scalable, giving Visa additional opportunities to expand, particularly in developing markets.

Total Spent:   $4,956.25