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Company: Take-Two Interactive Software
Yahoo Beta:0.68
Industry:Electronic gaming & multimedia

Company Description:  Take-Two Interactive produces and sells electronic games.

Purchase Date:31 Oct 2019
Purchase Price:$121.75
  --Split Adjusted:$121.75
Shares Purchased:20
  --Split Adjusted:20
Transaction Fee:$0.00
Price Range (6 Months Prior):    
Date21 Aug 2019
Date01 May 2019
S&P (Purchase Date):$3,030.62

Timing:  We bought above the midpoint of the six month range.
Reason:  Take-Two has several highly successful franchise games and a number of other reasonably successful titles. The company been expanding international revenues and slimming costs. Take-Two receives strong ratings from developers in fostering creative freedom and innovation. The company grows organically through releasing new versions of franchise titles and offering new games and inorganically by acquiring smaller firms with top developers.

Total Spent:   $2,435.00