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Company: Ormat Technologies
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Industry:Independent power producers

Company Description:  Ormat is one of the largest geothermal power producers in the United States. The company also produces equipment for geothermal power production and for energy storage.

Purchase Date:13 Feb 2019
Purchase Price:$56.60
  --Split Adjusted:$56.60
Shares Purchased:50
  --Split Adjusted:50
Transaction Fee:$6.95
Price Range (6 Months Prior):    
Date21 Sep 2018
Date06 Nov 2018
S&P (Purchase Date):$2,760.30

Timing:  We bought toward the high end of the six month range.
Reason:  Ormat has long-term contracts to supply electricity giving it safe, stable cash flows. Geothermal energy has advantages over many other renewable energy sources, as facilities supply power constantly. Geothermal power is a relatively untapped source of renewable energy and Ormat is well-positioned to take advantage of expansion either as a power producer or an equipment supplier. Some large utilities have been buying thermal producers, and Ormat may be an attractive target.

Total Spent:   $2,836.95