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Company: Napco Security Techonologies
Yahoo Beta:1.16
Industry:Security & protection services

Company Description:  Napco manufactures high-tech electronic security and communications systems

Purchase Date:25 Nov 2022
Purchase Price:$26.32
  --Split Adjusted:$26.32
Shares Purchased:85
  --Split Adjusted:85
Transaction Fee:$0.00
Price Range (6 Months Prior):    
Date09 Jan 2022
Date16 Jun 2022
S&P (Purchase Date):$4,031.35

Timing:  We bought a bit above the midpoint of the six-month trading range
Reason:  The market for security and communications systems is fragmented. Increases in mass shootings have increased demand for security systems in public spaces. Regulatory mandates for fire alarms continue to become more stringent, requiring companies to upgrade existing systems. Demand for integrated systems is also increasing. Napco offers a suite of integrated systems and has a positive net income margin, in contrast to many of its competitors. The company has a substantial history of manufacturing high quality products.

Total Spent:   $2,237.20