Purchase Details

Company: Kinder Morgan
Yahoo Beta:1.16
Industry:Oil & gas midstream

Company Description:  Kinder Morgan owns and operates oil and gas pipelines and terminals.

Purchase Date:15 Apr 2019
Purchase Price:$19.75
  --Split Adjusted:$19.75
Shares Purchased:500
  --Split Adjusted:500
Transaction Fee:$6.95
Price Range (6 Months Prior):    
Date21 Mar 2019
Date24 Dec 2018
S&P (Purchase Date):$2,900.81

Timing:  We bought above the midpoint of the six month range.
Reason:  Kinder Morgan has safe, stable, recurring cash flows with a $5.7 billion backlog. The company has a strong asset position with its pipelines. Demand for natural gas is increasing and Kinder Morgan has a diverse customer base. The company's current valuation is relatively cheap.

Total Spent:   $9,881.95