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Company: Energy Recovery
Yahoo Beta:1.09
Industry:Pollution & treatment controls

Company Description:  Energy Recovery develops controls for high pressure fluid systems.

Purchase Date:25 Oct 2021
Purchase Price:$19.60
  --Split Adjusted:$19.60
Shares Purchased:500
  --Split Adjusted:500
Transaction Fee:$0.00
Price Range (6 Months Prior):    
Date03 Sep 2021
Date12 May 2021
S&P (Purchase Date):$4,565.01

Timing:  We bought near the middle of the six-month range.
Reason:  Access to clean water is a huge problem globally and is expected to worsen with growing population and climate change. ERII's technology can be used to produce clean water using reverse osmosis as well as reducing water used in processes such as fracking. ERII's process uses considerably less energy than its competitors.

Total Spent:   $9,800.00