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Company: Deckers Outdoor
Yahoo Beta:1.03
Industry:Textile - apparel footwear and accessories

Company Description:  Deckers designs, markets, and distributes footwear, apparel, and accessories for casual lifestyle use and high performance activities.

Purchase Date:20 Nov 2015
Purchase Price:$49.98
  --Split Adjusted:$49.98
Shares Purchased:65
  --Split Adjusted:65
Transaction Fee:$9.99
Price Range (6 Months Prior):    
Date22 Jun 2015
Date17 Nov 2015
S&P (Purchase Date):$2,089.17

Timing:  We bought near the six month low.
Reason:  The company is in the midst of a successful turnaround and should continue to grow on the strength of its varied product lines.

Total Spent:   $3,258.69