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We know life can throw a lot at you, and it’s important to take a moment for yourself to do something fun as you take a quick break from studying or to fill some downtime. This page is filled with easy, fun ideas to give your brain a much-deserved break.

So, kick back and take 5!

#Social Shout-Outs!

It’s been a crazy year, but we’re fortunate to have our Eccles community to help us through it all. Gratitude gives us all a little boost of happiness. Give a shout-out on social to friends, fellow students, faculty, and staff. Tag @ubusiness on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with a shout-out for a chance to win some awesome Eccles swag! #EcclesGratitude

Plan something fun!

Check out events from Business Leaders Inc. (BLinc.) and other organizations within the Eccles School, and find fun things throughout campus and the surrounding areas.

Mental Health Mini-Boosts!

Need a moment to de-stress? The ideas below will help you take a moment for yourself to recenter and recharge.

This gorgeous photo of SFEBB taken by Ruchi Watson inspired us to write this little ode to the Eccles School in the style of Good Night Moon.

Good night moon
Good night Zoom

Good night building we call a shoebox
Good night third-floor funky, shiny rocks

Good night metal waterfall
Good night supremely long halls
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