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Our Mission: To create a community that acts as a catalyst for the growth and development of the women in the University of Utah’s MBA programs.

The Women’s MBA Association is committed to educating and providing support to current and future generations of female business leaders. By joining this community of current students and alumni, you will be able to engage in a network that inspires and empowers through sharing information, creating space for discussion, and taking time to reflect on how we can change the business world through achieving gender equity

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The Women’s MBA Association aims to create an environment where men and women can partner together to make meaningful and impactful changes in today’s world. This would not be possible without the buy-in and support of men in the workforce. All male students, alumni, and partners are encouraged to engage with the Women’s MBA Association at every level with the goal of stimulating discussion, collaboration, and positive change. We welcome feedback, ideas, and participation from men for every Women’s MBA Association initiative, event and program.

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Prospective Students

Considering an MBA from the University of Utah? We are committed to providing prospective students with the knowledge and support they need. We host a number of specialized women’s admissions events each year, such as information sessions, workshops, socials, and more.

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Women’s Leadership Certificate

With an emphasis on leadership and strategy development, this two-part program is for ambitious female leaders who want to take their careers to the next level. Learn from top-ranked faculty and create powerful connections to increase your impact.

Each session of the Women’s Leadership Certificate provides high-impact learning opportunities tailored specifically for women. Our two-day seminar-style programs are experiential and researched-based with ample opportunity to network with our faculty and other participants.

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