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Women’s Leadership Classes

With an emphasis on leadership and development, our women’s leadership classes provide participants with the expertise, credibility, and confidence needed to make the most out of their career. Gain insight into how other women lead organizations, explore current research and innovative solutions, and walk away with research-backed strategies and skills to implement immediately.

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See the selection of women’s leadership classes below or view our Women’s Leadership Class Catalog.
Classes may be taken on their own or you may choose to count them toward earning an Executive Leadership Certificate.

All women’s leadership courses will be held in a hybrid format:

  • 1 day of material will be online pre-recorded lecture.
  • 1 day of material will be live on campus. Attendance via Zoom is also available if preferred.

Taught by: Bonita Austin, MBA

Learn to apply proven change management models and techniques to help your company deliver on the promise of its change initiatives, reduce employee and managerial frustration, and decrease the chance of change initiative failure.

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Taught by: Dr. Patricia Gorman

This class explores strategies to become a more effective leader. Focusing on who you are and how you work with others, you will leave this course with the next steps in your path to becoming a strategic leader.

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Taught by: Dr. Andrea Thomas, MBA

In a rapidly changing world, the key quality needed in leaders is agility. Gain strategies to increase your capacity to anticipate and understand challenges, rally the resources to resolve them, and become a valuable, adaptable leader.

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Taught by: Dr. Jennifer Cummings

Working in teams can promote efficiency, creativity, diversity, critical thinking, synergy, and rewarding workplace relationships. Learn methods for helping your team tap into the full measure of their resources.

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Taught by: Dr. Kathryn Cañas and Dr. Georgi Rausch

As a leader ascends in their organization, they are required to speak in public as they shape the organization’s mission and values. Become a more confident speaker that creates a powerful, emotional audience connection.

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Taught by: Dr. Georgi Rausch

Interpersonal communication skills and emotional intelligence are critical components to gaining success as a leader. In this two-day class, participants will improve their interpersonal communication skills by using mindfulness strategies to work through a variety of challenging workplace interactions.

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Taught by: Dr. Kristina Diekmann

Gain tools and tactics to increase your influence as a negotiator and learn effective strategies for negotiating business deals and resolving disruptions while identifying your strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator.

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What is the return on investment?

Learn tools and techniques to lead through change, hardship, or unexpected situations

Develop a well-rounded portfolio of leadership skills

Expand your professional network with like-minded women

Strengthen your confidence and build credibility